Whole-of-Government Addressing

NSW citizens provide their addresses to government agencies on a daily basis. Whether applying for a driver's licence, requesting a birth certificate or booking into hospital; an address is one of the primary pieces of information required on most government forms.

Whole of Government Addressing has been developed by Spatial Services to improve customer experience when dealing with the government by offering high quality, real time address validation, reporting and analytics. NSW Point, NSW Point Bulk Address Validation and Service Point delivers authoritative source of truth information.

NSW Point is the recommended address validation solution endorsed by the NSW Government Digital Design System.

NSW Point Address Validation and Location Web Services

NSW Point offers a range of address and location web services designed to be embedded into government online forms and applications. Benefits include improved service delivery with ease of data entry by reduced key strokes, a seamless data entry experience across agencies and access to a verified national address repository. Being able to locate NSW citizens will improve efficiency for emergency services, installation of utilities, reduce fraudulent activity and enable revenue to be collected.

NSW Point includes options for the validation of physical and postal addresses and can return the available geographical and administrative information that is associated with an address location.

Key features -

  • Real time address validation
  • Comprehensive national address datasets with live updates
  • Utilises machine learning for predictive address suggestions
  • Geocoded address data enables spatial analysis

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NSW Point Bulk Address Validation Services

Spatial Services provide bulk address validation services to NSW Government Agencies. This service includes address data assessment, cleansing and validation against recognised and authoritative national address datasets.

Bulk address validation provides a great opportunity for NSW Point web service clients that may wish to align their existing datasets with the address format provided by NSW Point because the outputs are consistent with other NSW Point Services.

To learn more about Bulk Address Validation Services or to request access to this service please click on the link.

Service Point

Service Point is an anonymised transaction reporting service developed by Spatial Services to facilitate Location Based Reporting for NSW Government. Service Point has the potential to deliver powerful reporting tools by accessing current data from the Service Point Register.

Service Point can be used in conjunction with NSW Point or through the Service Point Browser Geocoder. The Service Point Browser Geocoder is intended for organisations that do not have web-based forms or applications. To learn more please see the link to the Service Point website.

Address Validation Web Services

Authoritative address validation to be imbedded in online forms.

Bulk Address Validation

Bespoke validation of existing address datasets.

Address Location Web Services

Enhance address data through location information.


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