NSW Point Product Highlights

Spatial Services offers a range of real-time address validation API web services, including an Address Widget, which is provided free of charge to NSW Government agencies. Client agencies can select the API’s in combination to return the address data best suited to their business requirements.

NSW Point is designed to be embedded into NSW Government online forms and applications to capture the validated, authoritative address with geocode location. NSW Point includes Address Validation Web Services, Address Location Support Web Services and Bulk Address Validation Services.

The address data received at the time of transaction can be retained by the agency to improve their client database resource. Agencies are able to use these data fields to perform analytics and the ability to connect to Service Point to facilitate location-based reporting.

NSW Point Version 2 includes both physical and postal addresses sourced from the following National address datasets:

  • GNAF-Live database is updated nightly from the Australian jurisdictions (States and Territories).
  • GNAF database is updated quarterly from the Australian jurisdictions and other National address contributors, such as Australia Post.
  • Mail Address includes both physical and postal addresses available from Australia Posts’ Postal Address File and is updated quarterly.

Refer to the individual product descriptions below for an overview of the features or consult our team for assistance on the best selection for your application.

Address Validation Web Services

Our Address Validation Web Services include a variety of solutions intended to meet differing address validation needs:

NSW Address Widget

Allows for validation of a single address against known authoritative address datasets (GNAF-Live, GNAF and MailAddress) and returns requested geographical and administrative information. More                 

The NSW Point widget is a GUI element that can be embedded into a HTML web page. This widget provides developers with simple means of configuring NSW Point services into a single solution that can be used in online forms to support address validation and geocoding activities. Fuzzy logic matching enhances predictive suggestions. Features Predictive Address 1 and 2, can be customised to include Unparsed Address, Cadastral Parcel and Administrative Boundaries. The NSW Address Widget is the simplest way to embed NSW Point web services into an online application or form. Supports integration with Service Point.

To try the NSW Point widget demonstration Click Here

Predictive Address Validation Web Services

These services are designed to be embedded into an online form where address entry is required. As a customer types their address into a form, this service will offer a list of valid address suggestions for the customer to choose from. More

This improves customer’s experience by reducing key strokes and helps to ensure that only authoritative addresses are captured in agency systems using a consistent format.

Our predictive services come with a wide range of customisable options to suit agency needs and are capable of validating against all addresses from GNAF, GNAF-Live and MailAddress.

The predictive address validation service includes:

Predictive 1 API provides rapid responses containing valid address suggestions that are matched using Machine Learning algorithm to the customer's input text. Each time a customer enters a keystroke on the web form, an updated list of valid address suggestions are offered to the customer. This service provides an address ID which is required to fetch address information from the Predictive 2 API

Predictive 2 API uses the address ID provided by the Predictive 1 API to return the full parsed address and requested geographical information. Customisable options include:

  • Administrative Boundaries
  • Cadastral Parcel
  • Mailpoint/DPID
  • Address geocode

Parsed and Unparsed Address Web Services

Spatial Services offer two web services intended for agencies that do not require a predictive address suggestion service but still wish to validate addresses captured in existing web forms or systems. More

These services offer high quality address matching and geocoding services that are capable of validating addresses against GNAF Live, GNAF and PAF. These two services have differing input formats and are configured to only return high quality address matches to minimise the risk of incorrect validation. Both the services include location based output such as geocodes and administrative boundary information.

Unparsed Address Validation API

Input format is a complete address as a single text string e.g. Address: “10 SMITH STREET, SMITHVILLE 9999”.

Parsed Address Validation

Input format is a complete address supplied as separate address elements e.g.

Street Number 1: “10”
Street Name: “SMITH”
Street Type: “Street”
Locality Name: “SMITHVILLE”
Postcode: “9999”

Postal Address Validation Web Service

Our Mailpoint API is suitable for agencies that wish to validate using only Australia Post addresses (PAF). It includes the provision of Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) with each matched address. This service does not include location-based information such as geocodes. More

The input format for this service is a single complete address
Example 1- Address: “10 SMITH STREET, SMITHVILLE 9999”
Example 2- Address: “PO BOX 123 SMITHVILLE 9999”.

Address Location Support Web Services

Spatial Services offer a range of web services intended to support geocoded address information. These services can supply relevant administrative and cadastral data for use in government systems based upon input coordinates.

Administrative Boundary Web Service

Provides names and reference information from national administrative geometries provided by PSMA. Must be used in conjunction with other NSW Point Web Service that provide a geocode in their output. More

  • Government Boundaries - Local Government Areas
  • Statistical Boundaries - ABS ASGS boundaries: 2016 Mesh Block and Statistical Areas
  • Electoral Boundaries - Australian state and federal Electoral boundaries

Example input- Coordinates: “149.56705027, -33.42968429”

NSW Cadastral Parcel Web Service

Provides up-to-date Property and all related Parcel information in the form of Property ID, Lot, Section, Deposited Plan and Strata Plan for a specified location within NSW only.  More

The Service is intended to be used in conjunction with the NSW Point Address Validation APIs. However, it can be used as a standalone service to provide cadastral parcel information for any location found within NSW.

Example input- Coordinates: “149.56705027, -33.42968429”

ESRI Enabled Predictive Address Validation Services

Spatial Services offer a Predictive Address Validation Service that is compatible with ESRI-compliant Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping applications.

For more information on the predictive functionality please see Predictive Address Validation Service.

This service is currently not available and will be included in a future release.

Bulk Address Validation Services

Spatial Services provide bulk address validation services to NSW Government Agencies. This is a bespoke service that includes address data assessment, cleansing and validation against recognised and authoritative national address datasets. More

NSW Point Bulk Address Validation allows for the validation of existing address datasets against authoritative National, State, and Postal Address datasets, and provides a formatted output that is consistent with NSW Point address web service, including -

  • A geocode (set of geographic coordinates) that represents the spatial location of the validated address
  • The matched address in a parsed AS4590 and NAMF standardised format
  • Metadata describing the quality and type of address match
  • A range of optional administrative information for each address such as Local, Government Area, ABS mesh block code, state Electoral District

The NSW Bulk Address Validation process usually involves:

  1. Initial Consultation - Our team engage with the client to assess their needs and answer any questions there may be regarding the bulk address process.
  2. Data Assessment - The client provides Spatial Services with a copy or sample of their data and we perform an initial assessment, providing feedback including:
    • A summary of the quality of the address dataset
    • The amount of data cleansing that may be required prior to validation
    • An overview of expected results and outcomes for the validation
    • A sample of the output results for the client’s evaluation and approval
    • Expected timeframes for cleansing, processing and return of the validated data
  3. Data Validation - Once we have agreed on the terms of the validation, we will proceed with the matching process.
  4. Data Resupply - After processing, Spatial Services will supply all original and updated data back to the client in the agreed format for integration into their systems.

Bulk address validation is available upon request as a standalone service or as a component of NSW Point implementation. Access to the service is provided following consultation with Spatial Services. Agencies interested in NSW Point Bulk Address Validation Services should complete the Client Engagement Survey which will assist Spatial Services in assessing your requirements

If you are having trouble determining which services best suit your agencies needs or how to configure a specific service, please contact us for support.

If you are seeking further technical information about these products, please see our API Documentation page.

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